Educational institutions

Enkiteng Lepa Primary School

With the priority of ensuring that the girls especially from the Maasai community get education, she with the help of other partners, started her first rescue school in Maji Moto called Enkiteng Lepa School in the year 2009.

The school name “Enkiteng Lepa” is a Maasai name meaning our cow.The school pictorial logo of a cow cycled then crossed is a symbolic meaning of don’t exchange girls with cows, rather, give them education.

Based on her, exchanging a girl for a cow is not worthy as giving them education. A cow won’t last forever as compared to the knowledge that one acquires in education.

After rescuing a girl, she normally takes her to Enkiteng Lepa School then look for a partner/ well-wisher willing to help the girl to pursue her educational dreams by catering for her school fees and other school expenses.

So far, the school has grown to accommodate both girls and boys. In the process of rescuing girl child, she realized that they was high rate of school dropout by the boy child so as to join warrior ship and take care of their parents livestock and thus, began rescuing the boy child too.

Currently, 30% of the pupils at Enkiteng Lepa School are under sponsorship of our very good partners, 60% under Ms. Hellen Nkuraiya and 10% being from stable families.

Ms. Hellen is still in search of other partners and individuals willing to assist her in helping the girls as well as boys get their right to education.

Tepesua School

It was founded in the year 2015 and is located in Ngoswani area, Narok County. The school has the same objective as that of Enkiteng Lepa School. It is a rescue centre for girls and other vulnerable children from poor families within the community. Majority of the children in this school are those of the widows and from vulnerable families.

High School Pupils

So far, we have a lot of girls who have graduated from the primary level of education to the High school level and even to the college/universities levels. With the support of other stake holders and partners, the girl’s educational dreams are being achieved.

Tepesua Cultural Eco Camp and the Village

With the aim of empowering women, promoting education for both girls and boys, Tepesua Cultural eco camp was founded as a sustainable source of income. The camp offers accommodation services and cultural experiences to our visitors.

The income generated from the services offered by the camp is channelled into supporting girls and boys education, empowering women development especially the village mamaas(Widows) and creating job opportunities to the youths.

Through your visits, our local Maasai families are able to be supported with water, food, employment, personal income and education.

All Maasai-Jewellery on sale is hand-made and produced by the local Maasai women of village.The Camp is a Maasai Cultural Village with authentic Maasai Manyatta. It provides a unique Maasai & Wildlife experience.

Our Maasai cottages are designed and made by the local authentic available materials, with exquisite African fixtures and furnishings.

The interaction with serene nature of our environment gives an inner peace and tranquillity to our clients. The serene environment and the designed nature of our organization cottages give it the perfect destination for our clients.

Our village Mamas Sewing bags, t-shirts, belts among other items for sale to the visitors. Through the sale of these items, they are able to generate income to sustain their lives and those of their families.

Livestock Ownership

With the aim of boosting family status especially of the widows and that of other vulnerable families in the community, the organization has extended its hand of helping by buying livestock for them.

Through livestock ownership, they are able to:

  • Generate their own source of food, for example milk from cows and goats.
  • Generate income for example through the sale of products such as milk from these livestock.